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About Us

Washeria is the only self-service laundry in Cluj. It is easy to locate, being located in the center of Cluj city opposite the City Hall near the "Culture House of Students"

Washeria aims to offer you not only a washing and drying service, but an experience where you can take a break, enjoying what you find in our specially designed space. While our equipment works for you, you can surf the Internet using our free Wifi, read your favorite book, meet people from all over the world or visit the city center.

We look forward to seeing you at the Washeria! Save Time, Enjoy life!


Payment by card

Detergent and conditioner included

Spalatoria noastra este dotata cu masini profesionale de spalat si uscat, marca Schultess si LG. Detinem 3 masini de spalat  cu o capacitate de incarcare de 7 kg si 3 uscatoare de 8 kg. Pe langa acestea puteti sa gasiti inca o masina de spalat si un uscator, amandoua echipamente de 10 kg.

Beds and quilts up to 2 m in size can be washed. Wool items cannot be washed. Quilts, pillows and jackets that contain feathers or goose down cannot be washed.
Trebuie folosite doar programele speciale pentru geci, paturi,pilote si perne si trebuie respectat nivelul indicat de incarcare.

Washing/drying programs

30 Minutes


30° 40° 60°

* The 30-minute programs are recommended for lightly soiled clothes.
* Detergent and sanitizing balm are professional products from Italy and are dosed automatically.

16 lei

45 Minutes


PRO Whites 30°, 40°, 60°
PRO Coloured 30°, 40°
Blankets, pillows 30°, 40°, 60°
Jackets 30°, 40°, 60°

* The 45-minute programs are recommended for moderately dirty clothes, because they use 2 types of detergent for both colored and white + sanitizing conditioner.

20 lei

45 Minutes


Cotton Extra Dry – 70 °C
Cotton Cabinet Dry – 60 °C
Easy Care Dry – 50 °C

14 lei

Washing instructions

1. Load the laundry into the washing machine

(make sure the car door is closed well)

2. Select the desired program

(touch the "-" symbol to the right of the desired program for a second)

3. Press the START button on the washing machine

Pay at the payment machine (cashpoint) and follow the instructions on it

Drying instructions

1. Clean the lint filter.
Load the laundry into the dryer and close the door

2. Select the desired program

(touch the "-" symbol to the right of the desired program for a second)

3. Press the START button on the dryer

Pay at the payment machine (cashpoint) and follow the instructions on it

Cashpoint instructions

1. Insert coins or bills

(pay separately for each program)

2. Press the key corresponding to the car and the selected tariff

3. Press "ENTER" and the car will start automatically

Frequent questions

What our customers say

Awesome place to get laundry done quick. Laundry detergents are available and make clothes smell really good. Clean environment and very good prices.

Claire Mallia

They have great washing machines, and a fantastic customer service, any problems you might face with payments or electronics, they will help you, 10/10

Adam Nabeel

Thanks to WASHERIA !!
Landed in Cluj Napoca from central Ukraine, and the owner of this laundromat invited us to do our clothes clean.
We did it, and are grateful for this kind and compassionate person.
Blessings to this business…
Thank you so much…
💙Ucraina iubește România !!💛

Michael Zatloff

This is an excellent service. The owner Cristian is super friendly, very helpful and professional. The Launderette is clean and the laundry machines are modern, easy to use. Excellent wash quality with no need to buy separate washing detergent. Just get your dirty clothes there. Highly recommended.

Ishan Prakash

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